Aquitherm™ - PSW (Steam and Water Heated)

The peripherally drilled-type steam / water heated calender roll consists of a peripherally drilled chilled cast iron roll body, bolted-on flanged journals, siphon tubes and a steam / water valve.When heated with water, the calender roll functions as an Aquitherm-P type roll. When heated with steam, the calender roll functions as an Aquitherm™-PS type roll. This offers the mill greater flexibility in roll heating and cooling and in matching the heat required to the various grades of product produced.

When heating with water, water enters the roll through the center bore (or center siphon pipe), where the water pressure opens the steam / water valve and water is directed through the peripheral fluid passages transferring its heat to the roll surface.

When heating with steam, the process is reversed. Steam is directed through the peripheral fluid passages first keeping the steam/water valve closed. Condensate is collected through the siphon tubes into the center siphon pipe and exited.



Peripherally Drilled, Steam/Water Heated

TriPass, DuoFlow Configuration







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