Safety Bulletin
Dear Valued Customer:

Recently a US paper producer experienced a failure of a calender roll manufactured by the former Farrel Corporation. SHW has received a number of inquiries from concerned customers about this failure. At the customer's request, as the leading supplier of chilled cast iron rolls, SHW is assisting with the investigation of the cause of this failure.

The investigation of the roll failure is ongoing. The roll was first put in service in the early 60's as an unheated roll, and in 1984 modified by Farrel to a heated roll design by adding peripherally drilled heating passages. Because of the roll's long service history, subsequent modifications, and possible operating issues over the life of the roll, the cause of failure may never be fully understood.

Today, SHW's peripherally drilled roll designs are significantly different than the roll that failed, in that all the connecting passages to the peripheral holes are machined in the forged steel journals, and not in the roll body. By designing the connecting passages in the steel journals, there are no connection points in the roll body, thus eliminating these potential stress points.

SHW has thousands of rolls successfully operating around the world. If you have questions about your rolls please feel free to contact us by calling (860) 496-8888 or to e-mail us at While on our web site we encourage you to download the free guide to the care and maintenance of calender rolls, with a special operating section on temperature-controlled rolls - Steps In The Right Direction.


David J. Antoniazzi
SHW Inc.
Torrington, CT






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