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SHW’s staff is specifically trained and well experienced to not only give you the best possible roll, but also to keep it or return it to exceptional condition. Let SHW provide you with inspection, maintenance, repair, rebuilding and consulting services.

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Our precision regrinding techniques are well known and extremely well recognized. Our facility supports a large grinding capacity, and we can regrind the following materials:

  • Chilled Cast Iron
  • Chrome
  • Composites
  • Granite
  • Rubber
  • Steel
  • Chrome Carbide
  • Tungsten Carbide

Wear and tear on chilled cast-iron rolls is inevitable, and at any time repairs may be necessary. SHW is equipped with the skill and facilities to repair virtually any problems that can’t be solved simply by regrinding. Our roll specialists will be happy to:

  • Repair and Rebuild Journals
  • Hone Rolls and Shells
  • Rebuild Bearing Surfaces

When rebuilding your rolls is necessary, SHW will undoubtedly be able to meet your needs. At SHW, we have experience and success in rebuilding the following:

  • Variable Crown Rolls
  • “S” Rolls
  • Suction Rolls
  • Heated Rolls
  • Standard Rolls
Professional Measurements

Profile and Surface Roughness
This type of measurement, which should happen before roll regrinding, will give an exact measurement for visual representation of wear by either normal or abnormal causes. If the wear is abnormal or uneven, this test will effectively identify the wear and assist you in detecting the cause of such wear.

TIR and Out-of-Balance
Vibration problems are a machine builder or operator’s worst nightmare. With our advanced measuring instruments and balancing machine technology, our specialists will detect the cause of your vibration problems.

Hardness and Chill Depth
Chill depth diminishes every time a roll is reground. It is extremely hard to identify the amount of chill left if accurate records are not kept. At SHW, our Vickers testing unit will give the most accurate hardness measurements possible.

Temperature Profile
This test, can detect uneven temperature profiles that cause an uneven paper profile.

Dynamic and Static Variable Crown Roll Testing
Variable Crown Roll testing is crucial. SHW performs both static and dynamic tests with our state of the art test stand. This test stand brings the oil to the proper temperature and viscosity before testing. This ensures that the roll test will simulate the actual operation of the roll to provide extremely accurate results before installation at the mill.


SHW is equipped with two of the most advanced balancing machines available.

Hot Balancing
If your roll is having a problem with temperature profile, hot balancing is an efficient diagnostic tool to balance the roll at operating temperature, which will better detect variations and assess operating performance.

Detailed Roll Inspection Reports
Accurate documentation is essential in our industry. So, SHW keeps accurate records and inspection reports for every roll that enters and exits the shop floor. Incoming inspection reports prevent the problems of fixing something that isn’t broken and missing something crucial that needs attention. Outgoing reports are sent with the rolls when they leave the shop for customer documentation. SHW sends two copies, one on the roll itself and one hard copy through mail or e-mail.
Although SHW does not have its own trucks, we depend on many transporters who are extremely familiar with our business. Because we return to the same people again and again, they know exactly how to handle the rolls.
We urge you to call on our roll specialists at any time for educated advice and opinions. SHW offers field service and mill troubleshooting to assist their customers if they should need it.



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